Naked Raku

Wally Asselberghs

New Events


November 5th: Workshop, Hoegaarden, BELGIUM. (FC-&)


February 24th- 25th: Self Guided Ceramic Studio Tour CRC, Phoenix, USA. (exhibition & firing demo)
Organized by ASU Art Museum Ceramics Research Center

March: Workshop, Phoenix, Arizona, USA. 

April: Workshop Tucson, Arizona, USA.

April: Workshop, Phoenix, Arizona, USA. 

May: Workshop, Haute-Provence, FRANCE.

May: Workshop, Massif-Central, FRANCE.

May: Workshop, Hoegaarden, BELGIUM.

May: Workshop, Mechelen, BELGIUM.

September: Workshop, Zoersel, BELGIUM.

September: Workshop, Mechelen, BELGIUM.


May-June, Cyberspace E-Course

September: “Raku Symposium”, Prescott, Arizona, USA. : Demonstrations, presentation, panel discussion, firings, lectures, workshops, organized by Jim Romberg



Final dates of all above events will be updated as soon as all agreements have been fully negotiated and confirmed.

If interested in any of above events, please contact me by e-mail, and I will forward more information, and/or pass on your coordinates to the Organizer. My e-mail address : wallyasselberghs&


NR : Naked Raku slip-and-glaze technique

SU : Sea Urchin technique, our new method of Naked Raku slip-resist technique

FC : Ferric Chloride in aluminium foil saggar, adding kaleidoscope of organic materials

CO : Crossover Techniques : first firing in FC, second firing in NR or SU

& : co-teaching with Sue Morse from Phoenix, Arizona

1D : 1-day workshop

2D : 2-day workshop

3D : 3-day workshop

4D : 4-day workshop

5D : 5-day workshop